Hello everyone. I was referred to this site by a friend over at CAG, jeffg, who thought I may be able to have some luck over here with my stuff. I would be selling at CAG but as I'm a new user I have to wait a month before I can make a trade topic there, and I'm looking for a faster medium.

Anyway, some possible titles that I'm selling are:
Super Mario RPG (Complete)
Secret of Evermore (box and cart, no manual)
Chrono Trigger (cart only, no pic yet)

and some unrelated DBZ fighters:
Super Botouden 2
Super Botouden 3

I may possibly be able to sell a Final Fantasy 3 cartridge and even more far-fetched a Breath of Fire cart, but I'm not totally sure yet on either of those.

Anyway! If you have any interest in the pictured games above (the titles are links) please let me know via PM. I'd say my asking prices are decent considering their worth, but as I said PM me and we will talk. Thanks for the look.

Edit: I must've been in a hurry when I typed this up, I completely forgot to mention additional info about those DBZ games. Since they were imported from Japan you would need a converter to play them on traditional SNES's (unless you have a super famicom). Luckily I've got one and I'll throw it in for free for the first buyer of the DBZ game(s). If anyone is interested buying the game(s) and the converter they would get priority above someone just needing the converter.