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Thread: Do you believe the more games you own, the less you play?

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    1. In Japan there is the thing where people buy one game for a console and that is it. They do not buy anymore.

    2. If I went for any job ( which is not equal ) I would end up
    hurting people ( I seriously would go insane ). That is the core of all problems in this world. That is not the reason for stopping to play something.

    .................................................. .......................

    We talk about Mario now. Mario Wonder is completely out of my range view. I can not even play the oddessy game.
    Marios Girlfriend is not a mayor. She is a typical person in a cocktail dress, usually kidnapped by DK. They censored her and made her a 1930's mock-up. She a mayor....

    I gave up Mario the moment I saw a disabled guy in my college ( I met in Campus clean up ), I asked him some questions about videogames, which he knew about. But he could not tell me about import titles, or anything beyond the retail store, or history.

    "Bowser wants to be a living castle"........that is it I am out

    The day when Mario actually fights Giga bowser and he will have his "MRPG" icon when he does his super moves. Is dead. At least Sonic tries to be different from time to time. Mario just tries to be the same.

    Then Megaman died when Capcom kept on canceling these auwsome projects. If these things was on the Gamecube or Wii, maybe I would have budged. Even "Retrostudio's" literally was making a "Megaman X" FPersonS game like "Metroid: Prime" and that was canned. MML3 was canned, including the red project.
    Capcom does nothing at all with Megaman. They just want the original fans who grew up with the series to die, or even for the Megaman creator to pass away or something.

    Reason why you see the team from "Rockman Zero" making all these games that screams Megaman.

    Capcom is not a great company anymore.

    We have goals and sometimes these goals require us to put our attention elsewhere.
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