Full Swordquest set including Waterworld--great shape, carts only

Snoopy and the Red Baron, cart only

Gravitar, silver label from Atari Club, cart only

Gas Hog, rare Spectravideo game (R8), NTSC, quite minty looking, cart only

Atari Video Cube, cart only

Columbia Home Arcade--2600 clone, console only

Motorodeo, mint shape, PAL, cart only

Pigs in Space, PAL, cart only

For the Colecovision

Frogger II--Threedeep! Cart only, good shape

Wing War--Cart only

I'm taking offers on all of these. Trade is okay too, but I would really prefer to stock up the Paypal account! You can check my eBay feedback under rick_riley_tate if you like.