I've got an Atari 2600 4 switch system with the smoked plastic case that holds carts etc. With 2 joysticks, paddle set, tv switch thing, original owners manual in really good shape, and the following 14 games:

1. Asteroids (with manual)
2. Space Invaders (with manual)
3. Pac-Man (with manual)
4. Donkey Kong (with manual)
5. Warlords (with manual)
6.Vanguard (with maual)
7. Frogger (with manual)
8. Defender
9. LaserBlast
10. Dragon Fire
11. Missle Command
12. Demon Attack
13. Pitfall!
here's a pic of the setup http://home.comcast.net/~jasondelaney/bd_1.JPG

So I'm looking for $40.00 for everything or best offer, Open to possibly trading for some older PC game stuff or something.

When I weighed the package and looked at shipping options there were 2 options: $25.00 for US Postal Service Priority Mail and $18.00 UPS Ground. This may be less depending on where you live as these estimates were from my location to the east coast for going as far as possible.