I have been cleaning out my room, and these guys HAVE to go....I do not have the room for them, and I honestly have not touched any of them for a long time. Given my busy time schedual (work, running, German studies, piano, and guitar), I do not think that the time will come to play these guys...so out they must go.

Bonus PC Pack - includes Bible Adventures, Exodus, and Spiritual Warfare (CD ROM)
Super Noah's 3D Ark (floppies)
Spiritual Warfare (Floppies)
Joshua (floppies)

All have boxes...

Please PM me offers, I have a few figures in mind. We can always negotiate. If I don't sell these to someone soon (pref. in the next week), the trash man will find them.

I also have a Nintendo 64 box for sale...original style. Same as with the wisdom tree things, this needs to get OUT of my place. It will most likely end up trashed, if I do not have any offers/interest in it by mid July. Thanks.