I have some random (and useless to me) stuff lying around, so let me know if anyone is interested in something. I'm looking for cash/trades (all I'm looking to get at the moment are some complete PSP games/movies, a DS Lite, and New Super Mario Bros).

Sega Pico system w/ box, but no hookups. Also includes "Richard Scarry's Huckle and Lowly's Busiest Day Ever" (cartridge/manual only) and "Mickey's Blast Into the Past" (cartridge only). Untested, but everything is in good enough shape that I'll assume that it works.

Pokemon Red (GB) with plastic case, but no box/manual

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror (PSP) Demo Disc, complete

Nirvana Nevermind (PSP Music UMD) complete

Tiger Woods PGA Tour [2005] (DS) - cartridge/case only, no manual

PS2 official black controller (great shape)

Halo (Xbox) "Not for Resale" version that came with the Green Halo Xbox System. No disc, just case and manual.

Thomson DVD drive (Xbox) - I think it works and might be new, but I'm not going to rip apart my Xbox in order to test it :/

Turok 2 (N64) cartridge only, ripped label but still readable.

Game Boy Adance SP offical red "backpack-style" carrying case/bag

Jak and Daxter (PS2) disc/case only, no manual. The disc is scratched up, not sure if it works. Will also throw in a DragonBall Z: Budakai 2 disc that is also scratched up (workability unknown).