Now available exclusively from, Boulder Dash® for the Atari 5200 SuperSystem.

Atari 5200 Boulder Dash® boxes shown in four available colors

Game Description

Boulder Dash® is the ultimate underground journey, but be forewarned- nothing less than perfection is required. Boulder Dash® will challenge your mind and reflexes like no other game! The objective of Boulder Dash® is to search through each cave and collect its many jewels in as short a time as possible. Once the indicated amount of jewels have been collected, the door to the mysterious escape tunnel is revealed and, you go on to the next cave. Strategy and planning will help you master the physics of Boulder Dash®. Boulders drop predictably enough but you and Rockford™ also have to block amoebas, transform butterflies, outmaneuver fireflies and overcome other numerous obstacles.

Production Details

Boulder Dash® has been produced in a total quantity of 100 serialized games. Each game features game cartridge with colored label, full-color instruction manual, and game box. These 100 games were manufactured in four different colored boxes, each in a quantity of only 25 each. Pink boxes have been issued serial numbers 1-25, red boxes 26-50, black boxes 51-75, and yellow boxes 76-100.

Boulder Dash® contains proprietary controller code which adjusts to either analog or digital controllers. This controller code allows for accurate movement and game control with all types of Atari 5200 compatible game controllers.

Boulder Dash® Cave 'A' Walkthrough
Boulder Dash® allows the player to choose to begin from each of five different caves. Cave A is the first and most popular starting Cave. Presented here a composite image of Cave A showing the optimum path for Rockford™ from upper left to lower right. This image joins together nine screens so only a portion of this cave is actually visible on-screen during game play.


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