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Thread: Original N-Gage or N-Gage QD?

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    Default Original N-Gage or N-Gage QD?

    This is mainly for the people that own both versions (all 4 of you) but I'd love to hear comments from anyone who has played either version. Comments like "N-Gage sux" will make your balls shrink and/or tits droop.

    I play my N-Gage QD all the time... it has fantastic emulators, gets good battery life, and fits my hands. It feels a bit cheap, though... and the damn outer ring is getting loose (replacement rings are all over Ebay.)

    I decided to spring for the original N-Gage since it is reportedly better-built, has a bunch of features that didn't make it into the QD, and is a bit bigger.

    Well, I got it yesterday and I have mixed feelings. I like the size... it fits my hands better. I like the fact that you can connect it directly to a PC with a USB cord and not mess with cards anymore. I like the extras (most of which I will never use) like the built-in MP3 player. I like the better sound. It's lighter than I expected and feels nicely constructed. No more damn rubber ring. I'm not concerned with the take-the-battery-out-to-change-games crap as I rarely play anything but emulators (everything is on one card) and it's not hard to switch games if you feel inclined.

    But there are some things I DON'T like. The screen isn't as bright. That's the big one... I'm used to the super-bright QD screen. Additionally, it beeps ever so softly when pressing some buttons, something the QD doesn't do and something that gets on my nerves... is there any way to get rid of that? I hear the battery life isn't quite as good as the QD but I haven't seen it firsthand yet. And while I like the larger size it lacks the rock-like "feel" of the QD.

    The original N-Gage certainly comes better packaged... you get a lot of stuff in a nice box with inlays as opposed to the cheap outer packaging of the QD.

    Which version is better?
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    The QD, for the fact you don't have to taco talk and you don't have to take the battery out to change games.

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