Hello everyone. Please note this post has been changed and updated as of Sat 12/16. I do not list prices, and would hope that you can make a fair offer in our initial contact. Between the DP guide and ebay, something reasonable should be within reach. I collect Snes and NES and have a good idea of what I'm looking for. My list of wants is at the bottom!

-Namco arcade stick (gray with yellow buttons & works with PS2, PS3)
-Guitar Hero with Guitar
-Mario Bros Game & Watch
-Bleem for Metal Gear Solid
-Ikargua JP Dreamcast

Neo Geo Pocket Color System
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-King of Fighters R2
-Puzzle Bobble
-Fatal Fury First Contact
-Pac Man
-Samurai Shodown 2
-Metal Slug 1st Mission
-Last Blade
-Neo Turf Masters
-SNK Match of the Millenium (great game!)

-Valkyrie Profile complete
-Grandia complete
-Metal Slug X
-Silhouette Mirage (jewel case only no game!)
-Pocket Fighter

-Turbo Grafx 16 system complete (box, instructions, foam)
-Sidearms complete
-Keith Courage complete
-Klax complete
-TV Sports Basketball complete

-Super Mario Bros Box and Instructions
-Super Mario Bros 2 Box and Instructions
-Super Mario World Box and Instructions
-Yoshis Island 2 DS
-Robocop vs Terminator Genesis
-360 HD player
-new gen wireless controllers for NES, SNES
-Radiant Silvergun (long shot, but what the hell)
-Bubble Bobble NES
-TMNT 1, 2, 3 NES
-Final Fantasy NES
-Mega Man 3 NES
-Duck Tales NES
-Ninja Gaiden III NES
-Paperboy NES
-Adventure Island NES
-Baseball Stars I, II NES
-River City Ransom NES
-Super Dodgeball NES
-Ikari Warriors I, II, III NES

If you don't see something you have I want, its ok! Still contact me, we might be able to work something out...