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Thread: Rules for the Video Sub-Forum (Read This Before Posting Threads)

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    Exclamation Rules for the Video Sub-Forum (Read This Before Posting Threads)

    The Rules
    • One video thread per forum member.
    • If you are posting an "off topic" video (i.e. a video that has nothing to do with video games, arcade games, computer games, nor pinball), then post it in the stickied thread that was made for the purpose of sharing off-topic videos. It is named "The Official Random Video Link Thread." You can find it at the top of this sub-forum.
    • Don't go making duplicate accounts nor multiple video threads.
    • Keep things fairly clean. Please, no overly offensive material.
    • Don't make a thread for each of your videos. Sorry if this seems redundant, but we really mean it.
    • The mods are the judges of what should be removed, changed, or what counts as overly offensive.
    • If you are asked to change something by the mods, then change it. If you don't, it might be subject to deletion.
    • It is recommended but not required that you use the first post in your thread to explain who you are. Links are helpful. You should also explain what your videos are about. Please also include a sort of "table of contents" linking either to your videos hosted off-site or a list of the videos included as replies further down the thread. This way people can "browse" your thread without actually having to page-down through lots of screens full of content. It's probably also a good idea to mention some of the best videos (highlights) from your collection. While these things aren't required to be in your thread-starting-post, it will make things more uniform if you do and it will probably lead to more views of your videos.
    • You should probably update your thread's first post whenever you post a new video to keep people informed of what's new.
    • If you need help, ask other forum members. Be patient and polite.
    • Always start your video thread's name with your account's name.

    Valid thread name examples:
    • Nz17's VG Paradise
    • Nz17 and his Arcade Travels
    • Nz17: My "Let's Plays," Find Vids, and Speed Runs
    • Nz17's Nostalgia Trip (Games and Room of Doom)

    Invalid thread name examples:
    • My video games
    • Game vids by Clark7
    • Subscribe to my channel! Mik9 loves ya!
    • Fishing, Phishing, and Fish Things

    Remember, if you create multiple video threads for yourself, we will merge them into one thread. If you post video threads to sub-forums other than this one, we will move them to here instead. If you break these rules multiple times, then we might restrict your account. Continued disregard for the rules will result in a banning.

    Behave well and have fun. Thanks for your time and attention in reading this. Game on, y'all! Show us what you've got!

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