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Thread: Intellivision Problem--Black screen of death?

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    Default Intellivision Problem--Black screen of death?

    I picked up an Intellivision the other day, one of the brown and gold ones, and it's in good shape, but when I connect it to my TV all I get when I turn it on is a black screen. I know it is getting power because when I turn it on the screen goes from static to black but that's it. I tried cleaning the cartridge slot, and all my games are clean to. I also tried using a different RF box that work great with my Atari and still no go. I tired taking it apart, and got 5 of the 6 screws out of the bottom, but one of them is not budging. I tried everything short of drilling it out, but the screw won't move. Help! Is it fixable or is it just good for parts? Thanks!

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    Many possible problems at this point....most of them are fixable. No matter what you have to get that screw out before you can do anything. Don't worry too much about causing any internal damage by removing the screw. The most you can hurt is the casing itself. Often the plastic casing can be brittle around the areas where the screws goes in, but even if the case does break a little around where this screw goes in it is not a huge deal as long as you are not looking for a showpiece.

    Fixing the intellivision will require you have either: known working parts from another intellivision, or a multimeter to test components on the one you have.

    Black screen of death can be caused by numerous different failures on an intellivision. Chances are you will need a new internal component to replace one of the malfuncitioning ones in your machine, but there are a few places on the internet to get these.
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