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Thread: SIMS Co., Ltd. and the SMS

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    Default SIMS Co., Ltd. and the SMS

    I realize there aren't too many Master System experts here, but it doesn't hurt to bring it up. Not too long ago, I noticed that "George Foreman's KO Boxing" for the SMS mentions it was programmed by SIMS Co., Ltd. (the company behind Vay, Outrun 2019, and others). Seeing as it was essentially a hack of "James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing"/"Heavyweight Champ," I figured those were also done by Sanritsu/SIMS (I figure Sanritsu and SIMS were the same company, but I don't have a lot of evidence). That snowballed into a further investigation by me. So far, it seems the following most likely were done by Sanritsu/SIMS:

    Master of Darkness
    Tecmo World Cup '93
    Ninja Gaiden
    Air Rescue
    Dynamite Duke
    Aerial Assault
    Alien Storm
    Line of Fire
    Gain Ground
    Bonanza Bros.
    Wimbledon II
    Buggy Run

    It's not surprising. Sega farmed out some games to Compile in the 80s. By the time these games came out, the SMS was no longer supported in Japan and Sega may have not wanted to put a lot of manpower on it. There are other possible games. My full investigation can be found here:

    I doubt anybody can help, but hey, I tried...

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    Not a Master System game, but Sanritsu developed the arcade games "Appoooh" and "Bank Panic" for Sega. They also developed a handful of arcade games under their own label in the early-mid 80's.

    Bank Panic did get a SMS port, though, so you might want to try looking at that, and see if there are any similarities.

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    I had read the smspower thread before. Very interesting stuff. I don't really know of any info that might help though.

    With regards to Bomber Raid, I long suspected it was a Compile game but when I looked through the archive of their site with all the games listed it wasn't there.

    The gameplay feels so much like Aleste that I still think it was at least based on the code of it even if Compile didn't make it.

    Anyway, keep up the great detective work.

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